How to free up disk space on mac os x

You probably download items from the Internet. Items you download are saved in the Download folder. You may want to delete them if you want more space.

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Signing up will give your 5GB of free space. You can save space on your Mac with iCloud. I used to have a lot of photos and videos taking up a lot of space. Here is how to turn this on:. Do you own iOS devices, like iPhone and iPad? Back up these devices using iCloud. If you are using iTunes to back up your iOS device, then your Mac may have multiple backups. To save space, you may want to delete your old backups.

Do you rarely reboot your Mac? If you do, then restart your Mac now.

How to Free Up macOS 10.14 Storage Space

Rebooting your Mac may help you as this process involves removing temporary files, system caches, app caches etc. You can choose third party tools to clean system junks and duplicate files. I clean my duplicate photos with iMyMac PowerMymac. Once you stop playing a game, it might be worthwhile to clean up that folder. This is very easy to do:. Macs and all computers in general run best when there is adequate free space available for cache files and swap disk, so always aim to have some free space available.

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Another great way to free up disk space is to uninstall any Mac applications you no longer use. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

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Enter your email address below:. Hey, thanks the for the tips! For those who have it, it is also worth configuring iTunes not to backup anything automatically anymore. Or it will bring back that folder. Delete old IOS device backups. Can be done from iTunes preferences-Devices.

[12222 Guide] How to Clean Up Mac El Capitan (OS X 10.11)

Also in iPhoto create a smart folder for all files with. Then delete them from iPhoto. Another 30GB saved there. The iTunes media folder can also be relocated to the NAS as well. This is kind of tangential but I had to laugh and very much liked! I love the Earth. I have had only limited success explaining thermodynamics to these people.

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  5. Delete unnecessary disk images;
  6. It too can build up… I suppose you might get problems if you just drag this hidden system folder… Does anyone know how to do this safely? When you trash a file, the file actually moved to an invisible folder on the same drive. From the Finder, they appear to all be in one big trash can, but in reality, the trashed files are actually located in an invisible folder on each drive—the one the file was on before you trashed it.

    Then trash it. If the Mac had to move the file to your SSD, this operation would take some time to transfer to the other drive. Because all the Mac is doing is moving the file on your HHD into an invisible trash folder on the same drive. You can actually see the osx trash folder on flash drives if you plug them into a windows or linux machine.

    How to Free Up Disk Space on Your Mac!

    Use XSlimmer to get rid of unnecessary app architectures and languages. I reclaimed about 10GB the first time I used it. It makes Time Machine quicker too! There are some tips on the web to stopping this issue including deleting the recovered mail folder in the mail app. It takes about 5 minutes to scan the drive, but it is well worth it.

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    This is a great place to start looking for massive files. Another tip is to empty the iPhoto trash. You can easily have multiple gigs of photos in there, especially if you go through lots of video. Hi Mark Could you please help me with where I can find the iPhoto trash. Is this trash separate from the overall trash folder? GrandPerspective: free app, gives a graphical representation of files, bigger files are physically bigger on the map.

    Makes it easy to track down large files that might be hogging disk space. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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