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This is a Debian bug that is in the process of being fixed, but in the meantime I posted the workaround here. The only hiccup was the task bar now displays the text white, but that's fixed by right clicking on the task bar, choosing "Task Bar Window List Settings" and checking the "Flat buttons" box. If you want me to get really negative, I'll reserve that for "Software Manager. Nevertheless, Software Manager is dumbed down to a toddler's level and also happens to be broken beyond belief. I would've liked to have seen it not included.

There are a couple of other default installs you'd do yourself a favor in switching out. Exaile is a music player that has been a massive fail for me on every system I've tried it on.

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Replacing it with Audacious would be a big upgrade. Also, XArchiver appears unmaintained and has a bug preventing it from unpacking. A good replacement is File-roller, though you'll probably want to install it with the --without-recommends option or it'll install a bunch of Gnome stuff with it. A couple of other minor quibbles. No CD ripper? Am I the only one who still rips CDs? And an SSH server was not installed by default. If you're gonna have an SSH client by default, you might as well put the server software in, too.

I should also warn you about update-apt-xapian-index. It runs just after installation and, like Spotlight running for the first time, will drastically slow down your system especially if you don't have a lot of memory. You can look in this forum thread if you need to disable it.

I just let it run and it finished after ten or fifteen minutes. And one last note, Powerprefs, the pbbuttonsd configuration tool, must be run as root to save changes. So what are you waiting for? Go grab an install CD and give it a whirl. There's a wealth of information in the MintPPC forums , just use the search, or ask a question if you can't find the answer. So you might want to uninstall pulseaudio. Thomas Carlson March 9, at AM.

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    Powered by Blogger. Blog Directory. The Ubuntu Software Center is too resource intensive for Lubuntu and so Lubuntu has been using the less user-friendly Synaptic package manager in recent releases. The development of a new lightweight application manager for Lubuntu is intended to rectify this problem, although users can, of course, install the Ubuntu Software Center using Synaptic. Changes in Lubuntu The Lubuntu Users are required to enter sudo start lxdm at the prompt to run the live CD session. In a review of Lubuntu He added "Ubuntu at this point is suffering from major bloat on the interface side of things, and you can even say that about Xubuntu at this point — but not Lubuntu, as it gets back to what a great Linux distro should be.

    By the end of October Lubuntu had risen to seventh place on the DistroWatch one month popularity list. Barnes noted that Mark Shuttleworth may have been wise to offer full status to Lubuntu for this release given the "fuss and bluster surrounding Unity".

    Long-term support releases

    Of the aesthetics he stated "the now trademark pale blue of the desktop is almost hypnotic. Igor Ljubuncic in Dedoimedo said about Lubuntu It tries bravely and fails heroically. The only advantage is the somewhat reduced system resource usage, but it is more than triply negatively compensated by the drawbacks of the desktop environment as well as the incomplete integration.

    Then, there you have Samba-related crashes, no laptop hotkeys, jumbled system tray icons, low battery life. If you want to be really mean, you could add the lack of customization, an average software arsenal, and a dozen other smaller things that get in the way All in all, Lubuntu could work for you, but it's not exciting or spectacular in any way and packages a handsome bag of problems that you can easily avoid by using the main release I would not recommend this edition Changes planned at that time for the release included the use of LightDM as the X display manager and of Blueman instead of gnome-bluetooth for managing bluetooth devices.

    The Lubuntu Software Center was added with this release to provide a more user-friendly graphical interface for managing applications. Synaptic package manager is still installed by default and allows users to manage all packages in the system. GDebi allows the installation of downloaded. The Ubuntu Backports repository was enabled by default, meaning backport packages were not installed by default, but once installed were automatically upgraded to newer versions.

    This version has new artwork, including a new wallpaper, a new icon set entitled Box and adjusted GTK themes. The notification-daemon has been replaced by xfce4-notifyd on the default installation. Previous versions of Lubuntu did not have a GUI search function and so the Catfish search utility was added to the default installation.

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    This version of Lubuntu uses the Linux kernel 3. This version only incorporated some minor changes over Lubuntu Due to this particular file manager update, the Catfish search utility was no longer required and was deleted.

    Mac mini G4 OS X Leopard Install (CCC G5 Clone) - IMNC

    Julien Lavergne announced in June that Lubuntu This release also used LightDM for screen locking and included zRam. The final release incorporated only minor changes over It included a new version of PCManFM that includes a file search function, which allowed the Catfish desktop search to be removed. There was also new artwork included and bug fixes for gnome-mplayer and the gpicview image viewer.

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    Tentative plans were announced in April to make Lubuntu This release also saw xscreensaver replaced by light-locker screen lock. Released on 17 April , Lubuntu Download media for Lubuntu On 1 June Jim Lynch reviewed Lubuntu It was fast and quite stable while I was using it. I had no problems running any applications and the system as a whole lived up to its reputation as a great choice for Ubuntu minimalists This release, on 23 October , was originally intended to feature a version of LXDE based upon the Qt toolkit and called LXQt , but development of the latter was delayed and the feature was not implemented in time.

    Silviu Stahie, writing for Softpedia , stated, "One of the main characteristics of Lubuntu is the fact that it's fast, even on older computers. Basically, Lubuntu is able to run on anything built in the last decade, and there are very few operating systems out there that can claim the same thing Just like its Ubuntu base, Lubuntu The theme and the icons have been updated, but the developers are preparing to make the switch to LXQt, a project that is still in the works. It's not bad. It's simply not interesting. It's meat without flavor, it's a hybrid car, it's accounting lessons at the local evening school, it's morning news, it's a visit to Pompei while blindfolded.

    There's no excitement I liked this desktop environment in the past, but it's stagnated. It hasn't evolved at all, and its competitors have left it far behind. And that reflects poorly on Lubuntu, which, despite a calm and stable record of spartan behavior, has left with me an absolute zero of emotional attachment toward it.