Key commands for mac on startup

All the keyboard shortcuts you can use when starting up your Mac

Apple KB HT OS X offers a similar mode called Safe Boot. Just as with its Windows counterpart, OS X Safe Boot should be used to help troubleshoot issues that may be caused by corrupt or incompatible software, or to help isolate software issues from hardware failures.

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Keep holding Shift until you see a gray progress bar appear beneath the Apple boot logo. In his case, he was using a recent Apple Wireless Keyboard.

Cool shortcut keys for Mac

Plugging it in via the USB-to-Lightning charging cable solved the problem, and allowed it to be recognized and used during the startup process. This can also happen with other Bluetooth keyboards, or even non-standard keyboards.

Mac Boot Keys

An aspiring pro should always acquire additional information. Take a quick look at these.

You should never turn the volume all the way down before restarting your Mac. Other than the diagnosis part, Startup sounds are also important for using some of the Mac Startup keys. So, you should always keep the Startup chimes up to the audible stages. There are some Mac notebook models on which the startup key combinations might not respond under certain situations.

This keyboard will make you able to use the Mac Startup keys without any hassle. This might seem pretty obvious but it is actually important. Take a picture, screen capture it, screenshot it or put a bookmark at the Quick Guide of the Mac Startup keys present above, so you can use it as a reference any time you wish to use the keys.