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In the Dock, find and open the Applications folder. Click Continue. Type your administrator password and click OK. Click Finish. Known Installation Issues Incompatible Applications macOS has an Incompatible Software folder which is used to keep software that might not work correctly with the version of macOS you have installed. When the McAfee installer starts, it searches for software that is incompatible.

Remove unwanted pop-ups or site redirects on Mac

The installer checks the Incompatible Software folder, and the installation might stop depending on what is found. When the installation stops with an incompatible software message, you need to remove any applications from this folder before you continue the installation. Conflicting Enterprise Application McAfee has found that some systems contain temporary files with restricted permissions that prevent the installation of McAfee Internet Security.

When access to these temp files is impeded, the installation stops with the following error:.

A McAfee Enterprise version of the product is already installed on your Mac. After confirming that the Enterprise version of the product is not installed, clear the Productconfig file in your temp folder to resolve this issue:. Workaround: Rename any McAfee Installer. This action ensures that the latest installer is used.

Finding the best ad blocker for Mac

To rename the file, change the extension from. Did this resolve your issue? Yes No. Include a comment about this article.

Remove unwanted pop-ups or site redirects on Mac

Submit Cancel. Affected Products. Content Type. Select a desired language below to translate this page. Glossary of Technical Terms. Highlight Glossary Terms. Use our virtual assistant for guided solutions. Launch Assistant. Try our Community. Go to Community. Need to talk to an expert? Get help for your McAfee product from a support expert. If user password is required, enter it.

Mac OS will come up with the list of the items that launch when the box is started up.

Settings for the web browser that got hit by Slick Savings and affiliated adware should be restored to their default values. The overview of steps for this procedure is as follows:. Select Reset Safari in the drop-down list. When confronted with malicious code like the Slick Savings on Mac, you can neutralize its toxic impact by leveraging a specially crafted system utility.

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The Freshmac application read review is a perfect match for this purpose as it delivers essential security features along with must-have modules for Mac optimization. This tool cleans unneeded applications and persistent malware in one click. It also protects your privacy by eliminating tracking cookies, frees up disk space, and manages startup apps to decrease boot time. The following steps will walk you through automatic removal of the Slick Savings infection. Download Freshmac installer onto your machine. Double-click the Freshmac.

The system will display a dialog asking for your password to authorize the setup. Type the password and click Install Software. Download Now. Once the installation has been completed, Freshmac will automatically start a scan consisting of 5 steps. It scans cache, logs, unused languages, trash, and checks the Mac for privacy issues.

How to Prevent Redirects in Safari

The scan report will then display your current system health status and the number of issues detected for each of the above categories. Click the Fix Safely button to remove junk files and address privacy issues spotted during the scan. Check whether the Slick Savings adware has been fixed.

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  • Remove unwanted pop-ups or site redirects on Mac.
  • Locate an entry that appears suspicious, select it and click Fix Safely button to force-uninstall the unwanted application. Go to Temp and Startup Apps panes on the interface and have all redundant or suspicious items eliminated as well.

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      How to stop slick savings pop-up

      Slick Savings manual removal for Mac The steps listed below will walk you through the removal of this application.