Mac connect to server not working

What is the problem? Thanks a lot. Presumably the other computers are them seen and shared as Bonjour-units. Similar problem and no solution found: I can see my other computer Mac mini in local Finder but when I try screen sharing most times I get a similar error message to the one that you mention here I do not use wifi but ethernet connections and worked perfectly until I upgraded Mac mini to Yosemite my other computers run Yosemite My only solution until now is to use IP Scanner and open the Mac mini in VNC Any solution?

This has nothing to do with network failures. Thanks Lanzarote, Your sequence worked great; the Apple support link did not. Your help is greatly appreciated. Regards — Jim G. He means turn off the caps lock in your reply.

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When posting online all caps is equivalent of yelling and considered rude. Thanks Buck, Though familiar with various platforms, I am a newbee at this form of communication. I use caps at work to maximize legibility. Thanks for the tip. Regards Jim G. All caps is a hinderance to legibility.

Not a benefit. Any good designer knows this. Readability is helped by a variety of shapes, and all caps makes shapes of words more similar, not less, thus less readable. Why do I have a bunch of [Computer Name] different s in my Shared section? How can I remove these? Two Macs running Shared is not hidden on luis. Can you ping the computer that cannot be seen? Frustrating indeed. This is what solved my problems with WiFi disconnecting randomly, not appearing after awakening, etc. Open network preferences from your WiFi icon in the menu bar.

Then click advanced. Delete the network that is giving you problems. Open Keychain in the utilities folder of your hard drive. Find the passwords that are stored for your particular network and delete them. There may be multiple passwords for your network, so search carefully. Very frustrated by this situation too. I found that just turning wifi off then on again on the Mac is sufficient, with known and registered networks, no need to target afp addresses.

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Interesting, I had the same problem and I just resorted to rebooting the problem Mac, which also works fine. Rebooting is a hassle so I will try this approach the next time I encounter it. That could also be why the problems are only on older Macs, where mDNSResponder was the norm, and none of the new Macs experience the problems because, presumably the development team of OS X, is always using the newest Apple hardware.

Anyway, I find the bugs with new versions of OS X to be quite a nuisance. I can see in your screen shots you replaced the font with Lucida Grande too, I also did the same. Apple should give us an option in the Appearance panel to change the font and the font size ourselves without using these font hacks. We use a mac mini connected to a thunderbolt pegasus drive a fast and beautiful set up in theory.

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But it has not been working well. Problems with reading-rights, problem with writing-rights, problems with files not showing up on other computers. The solution was a Synology drive with Linux. These are totally amazing things!

2. Use Network Diagnostics

It kind of reminded me of Apple for a long time ago when everything was plug and play and just worked. A simple and fast interface that a beginner can manage, a knowledge base far beyond what Apple ever managed to do, functions you could dream for in a Apple server, everything perfect in the smallest detail and it works, works and works. For less than half the money and a just couple of hours of set up time, this thing has been running perfect, faster and error free.

No error codes, none!! A stunning Webbased interface with everything you need in a small office, and more… I am stunned actually. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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1. Confirm Proper Network Operation

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Louise Bratt says:. February 17, at am. This is beyond obnoxious, and makes absolutely no sense why all of the sudden, the server just stopped working. I wish I could help. Other than what I read in our own support pages, I know nothing else about it. I was having a similar issue since the server update, usually rebooting plex resolves these issues, I would suggest trying this first.

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In short, after the update rebooting the server resolved the issue for all the devices on my local network, any devices not on the network, despite fixing remote access, needed a reboot in order to get them working again. Everything is on the same local network in my case. And as with the OP, I got to the point of completely reinstalling the server only to find the same issue.

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