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Yes, but not using the standard Clipboard functionality made available on your Mac. You will need to use a third-party app that provides this functionality.

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There are many Mac apps that provide the ability to retain Clipboard history. One of the most popular ones is Alfred. Packed with tons of productivity features and workflow functionality, it also includes a pretty powerful Clipboard manager in its powerpack.

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Activate the Clipboard History for the history types you want to use by checking the box next to the relevant types. Choose from the dropdown menu how long you want Alfred to remember your clips for; 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month or 3 months.

Office for Mac Keyboard Shortcuts - Word

You can then scroll through the copied clips by time and use the correct one. Apple has made available a few Clipboard shortcuts via iOS 12 that are worth exploring.

How to Paste Text Without Formatting on macOS

These Shortcuts require you to use the new Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad. Adjust Clipboard lets you clear the Clipboard on your iOS device. The other shortcut Dictate to Clipboard makes it easy to transfer text without copying from somewhere else. This shortcut takes in your dictation and converts the speech into text and makes it available on the Clipboard on your iPhone.

The Dictate to Clipboard shortcut does require access to speech recognition. You will need to open the shortcut and tap Allow Access before you can use it.

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Word for Mac 2011 Paste Special/Keep Txt Only

Under Cut and paste options , select the Show Paste Options buttons check box. Change the formatting of the original text to match the destination formatting. If your selection includes content that is not text, the Keep Text Only option discards the content or converts it to text. For example, if you use the Keep Text Only option when you paste content that includes pictures and a table, the pictures are omitted from the pasted content, and the table is converted to a series of paragraphs.

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If your selection includes a bulleted or numbered list, the Keep Text Only option may discard the bullets or numbering, depending on the default setting for pasting text in Word. To preserve the bullet and number characters, you can convert the bulleted or numbered list formatting to paragraphs that begin with bullet or number characters.

Copy formatting between objects or text. Copy formatting. Copy text from one file to another Word for Mac More This has been annoying me for years, and it only just occurred to me today that it might be a setting that can be modified, rather than being something I just have to put up with. This article showed me the way! Doesn't seem to work in Evernote, but still happy to have it set up on my Mac if it works for other stuff.

This will save me a lot of time and inconvenience. Also can't believe I didn't know about custom keyboard shortcuts like this in general!

This is awesome. I played around with it and found an even more sophisticated solution with which you can use it also for word and every other programme. In some programmes the entires are called differently. You will have to put them in as well. Also the normal Paste command has to be remapped.

Which will result in the programme envoking the first which is usually just "Paste". So change "Paste" as well and you'll be fine. Also note: if you change the normal paste command it can be that you encounter programmes where the pasting does not work. Go up to the menu and take a look at it.

It uses yet another string for "paste and match" so put it in as well and it works.

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