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Date published: This is one of my favorite series although I don't think anything will top the Dracula series!

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I love the graphics and the speed of the gameplay. It's fun and straight forward. You aren't going to strain your eyes or brain to play this one, but it's a pleasant way to spend some time. There isn't much strategy involved, so I would say this would be great for a beginner to this genre of game. This one has a bonus where after you earn 5 or 6 gold stars, you get to pick from 3 treasure chests.

Some are empty, some give you more workers, speed or the ability to work faster. You can also receive a chest that gives you more items per drop. Unfortunately for me, I kept choosing the empty chest, that's the luck of the draw. I will most likely purchase this game using a freebie and continue my quest. Try the demo and see what you think! This game is a pleasant, easy game. You honestly don't need to think too much since there's not a great deal of actual strategy to it.

It is simple, straightforward and enjoyable.

Pandora's Box - a Choose Your Own Adventure Style Computer Game

If you're like me and you thrive on strategy and hard challenges, this game may not be for you The only differences between the two versions are the absence of 10 pages of Concept Art picture, 5 Music Soundtracks. The Collector's Edition version didn't have a Strategy Guide so if you like this series, this Standard Edition version is the better choice. When I played the demo of the CE when it was first released, I wasn't all that impressed and I thought that maybe the Standard Edition version would change my opinion, but unfortunately, it did not.

We have been blessed with a ton of amazing TM games lately so it's hard to enjoy just a ho-hum average TM game. One of my biggest turn-offs in this game was the constant Island Hopping chores of going back and forth by boat to retrieve stupid resources like a half a loaf of bread.

After 3 or 4 levels of this exhausting chore, I just wanted to craft a grappling hook to save myself some valuable time! I feel bad for giving this game such negative mojo vibes because it seems that Big Fish is finally realizing that they have a ton of Time Management fans who have been overlooked for eons The graphics are "old-school" and had no curb appeal, everything's just a dull shade of gold, the characters are dressed blandly, the scenery is basically yellowish, the buildings have no color and there are no eye-catching extras, such as colorful trees, graceful butterflies or creatures frolicking about, there's no flora or fauna to make it special.

Everyone has different tastes, likes, and dislikes, and even though I didn't enjoy this game, the next person may find it to be an amazing game. I did really like that you can play in an Untimed, Normal or Hard difficulty mode, which isn't always a given feature.

It also allows you to switch back and forth easily before the start of each level with an icon located above the level map. This is a very useful feature because you can play in an untimed mode to figure out what needs to be done, or what resources are important, on some of the more difficult levels, and switch back to Normal or Hard,. There are also random Minotaurs which at least gets Jason to move from his usual cozy spot, and Levers to toggle bridges and open other areas.

There is a bonus icon on the bottom to speed the workers up, and for every 5 stars earned you get to choose 1 of 3 Chests to win a prize that is basically more bonuses that make resources cheaper, increase speed by a percentage etc. As I said earlier, the only features offered in the Collector's Edition version, are 10 pages of Concept Art pictures and 5 Music Soundtracks. The CE version doesn't even have a Strategy Guide, so I suggest playing the demo to see if you like the game, but this version is way more logical.

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