Vanbasco karaoke player for mac

Create quick, simple playlists - Create a playlist from multiple songs by simply dragging and dropping the file names into the desired order.

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Browse quickly to desired files on the computer or in the database with a few easy menu clicks. Efficient operation and integration - VanBasco Karaoke Player is compatible with most versions of Windows and is also available in a Mac version.

The software uses a very small amount of computer memory, minimizing crashes and delays while running. Genuine freeware - Unlike similar software that is advertised as free, this program requires no upgrades and has no trial period or expiration date.

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It is also free from advertisements and pop-ups. Cons of VanBasco Karaoke Player Some compatibility limitations - Earlier versions of the software experienced compatibility issues with some audio software built into Windows XP and ; users may experience issues running the program until the newer version is installed. Some issues also may arise during installation with Windows 7; while the program is compatible with 7, it may need special steps to be taken during installation that may cause confusion and delays for some users.

Fewer compatible file types than comparable software - While Karaoke Player is compatible with MIDI and Karaoke music files, it is limited to those file types only, resulting in a pool of available music that's smaller and less contemporary than many users may wish. KaraokeMedia Player for turning any favorite audio or video file into a "sing along" experience.

Karaoke Voice Sing your heart out.

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AIMP Freeware audio player with a converter, recorder, and organizer. Easy Video Maker Software that lets anyone quickly and easily turn their camera recordings into fun videos and slideshows.

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Leaving without your download? Get alternatives to vanBasco Karaoke Player. Karaoke 5 version The Mixer The mixer contains several controls like transposing, instant messaging a powerful tool to send video messages, applause, jingles , and a whole section on equalizers. The Mixer Control How many times have you wanted to stop a track maybe too long or because you simply didn't feel like singing it any more to immediately go to the next one? The Explorer Window The Explorer window allows the communication with internal and external hard drives with fast searches and total control of your music files and for cueing songs on the headset.

TV Window Available only in the professional version, an essential tool to have on your pc, second monitor or TV split screen.

The Playlist In addition to the Main Database on the main window, there are two additional windows, side by side, called Playlist to have maximum control in every situation. Professional karaoke program.

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