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Prlab's point remains valid and true. And if you don't have Internet, then it wouldn't matter, because without Internet, you wouldn't be able to download any file, whether it's MB, 40MB or 4MB. If you are in a situation where you don't have a connection and need your driver 'in hand', then yes, one 'could' argue carrying around one MB file that supports ALL HP printers versus a smaller one that is just for one model is more cumbersome What if I run into another printer, or the model is wrong?

Oh it just printers, from other companies, maybe Apple was forced to Update! Naoh can you tell us more about the crashes? Did they start happening with the HP update from a few weeks ago or has it been an ongoing issue? On Then open the Contents folder and you will find a plugins folder. Here is my issue, we have downloaded OS It is seeing the printer but the printer is not responding, even when plugged in by USB.

HP has told me to delete the original driver for n, but I am not sure where this is located and the exact file to delete. We do not have the software to reinstall the printer so I'm hesitant to delete without knowing the exact folder that needs to go.

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Can anyone help? Indeed, in the Apple Support Communities Upton appears to have solved the problem using this relatively simple fix. Great detective work. Much easier than my brute force approach I posted below on Aug 9. Do we know if Apple have reposted the v2. Jessi I'm not running If this doesn't work you better go to the Apple Support Communities.

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Hors use the link above. Hi Maxter, I wonder if you could help I did show package contents, and had a look around but no plugins were to be seen.

HP LaserJet 1018 Driver Downloads

Any suggestions? Hokey-Wolf I guess you went to the wrong Library folder.

HP Laserjet 1018 Printer Driver Download

Printer still doesn't work however - Any suggestions? You do not mention if there's a "Contents" folder. At this point I would suggest you to delete the printer from the System prefs print panel. If after all that it doesn't work, you'd better go to the Apple Support Communities. You may there find more help according to your specific type of printer. In case anyone asks the question, yes, I am running OS After downloading these, printing was broken on my LaserJet CPn, every time it would crash. However, I then ran Permissions Repair in System Preferences, to see if it threw up a string of incorrect permissions, as it did with the last HP drivers from Apple, which it did , and printing was broken again!

Apple really need to get their HP drivers sorted, this is not good! Is there any way that I can run Permissions Repair without including the printer drivers? If you are running I sent the error logs to Apple. Now all is working again. This update does not appear in Software Update in I think it is Lion only.

This update IS inteneded for It also appeared in Software Update on my 3 machines. I have same problem as Joinerm.

Drivers for several models of Hewlett-Packard printers

I believe the problem may not be in the PPDs, it may be in the new versions of the HP extensions that the 2. I solved the problem by replacing these extensions from a recent backup. So it may be these files that are not good with snow leopard. I am in China on business and it has just appeared in my Software Update. I have no idea why it should be 2 days later. Thanks to your warning, I have not installed it. I think they need to adjust their priorities. I hope this update addresses the permissions issues. Since going to mountain lion, using my Deskjet series has been a problem.

Apple supplied the latest drivers etc, and the OS wants to repair permissions before it will print. Been on Apples website describing the problem, and maybe this update will solve it. I am a bit confused with the printer updates. For example, when I installed my new printer drivers I used HP's disc so all the specific printer features were installed. All works fine, then software update downloaded the hp driver updates 2.

Still fine, however, 2. I was wondering if apple basis the need for the update on the specific printer used, or is the update a manual download only, when you already have a previous update installed. No print servers.

HP LaserJet 1018 Driver

I used to use the HP OEM drivers, but happened to try the OS X drivers on a nuke and pave reinstall in connection with Lion and found that everything was simpler, worked just as well, etc. My HP is an OfficeJet , so maybe it is different for some of the fancier printers.

How to install HP laserjet 1018 printer driver on windows 10

I disagree. I've been using only HP Printers with Macs since and have never had a problem with them. Not true I have never had any problems? The problem may be using older Mac OS or outdated drivers and software. I would agree with the other two replies here. I've used HP photosmart printers for a while now without any issues.

HP LaserJet Driver for Windows | HP Driver Support

The only problem i've run into was native AirPrint support with an older printer, but that wasn't HP's fault, or my fault, it just happened to be an older model without wifi directly built into the printer, and to get it to work ivi a airport, i needed the third party AirPrint enabler for os x. I have bought the photosmart as a replacement for the c that died after four years, and haven't had a bit of issues, even worked out of the box with my iPhone. The efax feature is nice too and why i stuck with HP i needed a fax solution for the occasional fax i may need to send and receive. To those saying you've had no issues with your printers, that's great for you.

But try sharing the printers between Macs and PCs and then you'll have a different opinion. Also, to those saying it's because of using old drivers or hardware, that's not true. This has happened to my clients, friends and family with brand new HP computers with the latest drivers from HP. I've seen this going on for years and years with scores of people. Sometimes the HP printers do work fine, but all too often I've seen extremely frustrated people have issues with HP printers on the Macs whether dealing with scanning, sharing or just trying to look at their cryptic support on their website.

Been supporting 27 HP laser printers in 5 different locations schools for over 10 years, in a mixed PC, Mac, and Linux environment without any major issues. My fellow employees Six in the same mixed environments at 21 locations have not reported any major software issues, only hardware issues where consumer units are purchased or the printers are kept way too long. That said, several of the locations are running HP n and n models, which have required only drum replacements or roller kits during that 10 year period. Gggvt, it sounds like they were probably all hooked up to a printer server in that environment.

Once again, have seen very spotty results for many years with many people.

I cringe when I see an HP nowadays because of this. I see apologists in here that keep trying to infer it's because the printers are "old", etc. Usually, the main problem is the multi-function printers that don't play nice. I've been working with a brand new HP printer and brand new Mac Mini for a client and that HP consisently stops allowing access to its scanner. The problem occurred for a previous IT person as well, so it's not just me. On the other hand, with brands, I never have these hassles I hate HP printers.