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It also supports both the netQuake, and QuakeWorld networking protocols, as well as its own. It scales well on visual effects from the modern to the classic and sports fast rendering for modern GPUs. It has some problems with mods that depend on the original Quake's bugs that the engine has fixed. Keyboard and mouse, touch State Notes Remapping.

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Audio feature State Notes Separate volume controls. Type Native Players Notes Local play. Type Native Notes Matchmaking. Executable bit bit Notes Windows. The app ID may differ in some cases. Treat backslashes as forward slashes. See the glossary page for details.


Comparison in video. Hidden categories: VR games Local multiplayer games. Hipnotic Interactive. Rogue Entertainment. Lion Entertainment, Inc. Dave D. GT Interactive. Quake engine. Quake III Arena. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Quake Champions. Without modifications CD is required for in-game music. The only official Linux retail release was part of the Quake: The Offering collection in Quake: The Offering.

Due to legal reasons, the in-game soundtrack in. Does not come with game soundtrack; see Restore music playback. Also, the version of GLQuake included v0.

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See Version differences for a download link of the latest version v0. An extra episode created by MachineGames and released for free as a gift for the game's 20th anniversary. A technology test released on February 24, , a few months before the full release. The original DOS version.

Fullscreen only. Quake shareware. This version is the official demo for the game besides Qtest. Only the first episode "Dimension of the Doomed" is available to play. Also, the shareware PAK file can be downloaded separately from the main release to be used with source ports. Allows the game to appear in a window and screen resolutions can be selected in-game. A special version of WinQuake that was designed to run with 3D accelerators now known as graphics cards , unlike Quake and WinQuake, where all graphics rendering and game logic calculations were done by the CPU only.

Rendered with OpenGL, it improves the overall look of Quake greatly smoothed textures, transparent water, etc. Screen resolutions need to be entered in via console commands before launch. This port also has a few regressions; it does not support overbright lighting [3] and has weaker colored lighting than software rendered Quake. For a complete list of differences between GLQuake and software rendered Quake: [4]. A multiplayer only version of Quake specifically designed to play over the Internet. See Quake vs.

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QuakeWorld for specifics. The first hardware accelerated version of Quake, released shortly before GLQuake. Uniquely for the time, this version offered edge anti-aliasing, adjustable from 0 to 7, covering various combinations of world, object and particle polygons. As there is no emulation of this hardware available, this port cannot be played on modern computers.

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DarkPlaces is a 2nd common port for new players which adds modern graphical features such as realtime shadowmaps, bloom, and normalmapping. DirectQ Archived. DirectQ is a Direct3d oriented engine with a few tweaks to the menu but little to graphical improvements, it simply runs on DirectX instead of OpenGL. It mostly resembles the classic look with some quirks such as the HUD being based on Nintendo 64 version, outside of that it performs excellently.

Note that this source port is no longer under active development. The latest release is v1.

Fruitz of Dojo Quake. Also includes their OpenGL equivalents with the download. A more graphically advanced companion, TenebraeQuake is also available.

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Older versions of both can be downloaded here warning, adult content! It features enhanced visuals, voice chat support, and better modding capability for QuakeWorld servers. You can also optionally install a pack during installation to enhance the overall look of the game. QuakeSpasm is a descendant of FitzQuake which like that engine, it focuses on fixing bugs and stability, lifting engine limits such as maximum items and geometry detail and restoring the missing functionality that the original software renderer had but the OpenGL renderer lacked.

Unlike many other engines, QuakeSpasm does not alter the style of the original game and doesn't fix game-changing bugs that affects mods. It also has native support for anti-aliasing [Note 1] and anisotropic filtering [Note 2]. The most commonly used source port in the community. Ultimate Quake Patch. Designed for the Steam version of Quake but is also compatible with retail versions by changing the install path of the mod. It includes Darkplaces along with the soundtrack. However, the source port included uses an outdated version and the Scourge of Armagon soundtrack is badly ripped.

Compared to QuakeSpasm vkQuake also features a software Quake-like underwater effect, has better color precision, and generates mipmap for water surfaces at runtime. It is the current best source port for modern GPUs with Vulkan support. Mark V.

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