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Register now! The answer is to use absolute path. But it can be annoying to type the full path for something that is in the current directory. You can use command substitution of pwd to avoid that. If your target is in the current directory:. Symlinks are relative to the parent directory of the link, not of the current directory of the ln process.

With GNU ln , you can use its -r option to let it make the calculation by itself:. As Dubu points out in a comment, the issue lies in your relative paths. If you create your symlink like this:. The solution is as simple as using absolute paths:. I often have problems getting the arguments correct. You can use relative links , but they should be based on the directory where the symbolic link is.

In other words: the first argument should be the same that you would write after cd if you would like to go to the targeted directory from the directory where the symbolic link's file is. Hot damn. Decades of ln awkwardness, vanished in 9 words.

So you likely have something else going on here. I would suspect that you have a circular reference where a link is pointing back onto itself. Since Unix systems don't verify that the target of a symbolic link exists before they create the symbolic link, this command leaves us with this:. When you try to use a link which points to itself, you will get an error that tells you that you have "Too many levels of symbolic links" or one simply states that you cannot access the file.

Message: "Too many levels of symbolic links" (Mac only)

You can experiment with the limits on symbolic links by running a script like this that creates a sequence of symbolic links that point to other symbolic links. When this script has completed, you will have a series of 50 symbolic links, each which points to the next lower-numbered link e. The file named symlink0, on the other hand, will be a simple text file.

If you type "cat symlink10", you will see the message "The End". If, on the other hand, you try to display the contents of symlink50, which points to symlink49, which points to symlink48 and so on in a manner reminiscent of the old lady who swallowed a fly, you will get one of the error messages mentioned earlier.

Why Do You Need Symlinks?

Somewhere between 50 and 10, your OS has given up and will not follow any more symbolic links. Try "cat symlink20" and "cat symlink32". If one of these works and "cat symlink21" or "cat symlink33" does not, you have just reached your operating system's limit. It should be set large enough to accommodate legitimate uses of symbolic links while preventing infinite loops.

Symbolic link - Wikipedia

The designers of your Unix OS have made a stab at defining where the cutoff ought to be. For most Unix sites, the default seems reasonable, but it can be changed. One aspect of symbolic links that surprises many people is the question of permissions. Most Unix operating systems will set up symbolic links with rwxrwxrwx or rwxr-xr-x permissions regardless of the permissions assigned to the file that the link is pointing to. This hardly makes a difference unless you are running scripts which look for files with world write permissions and cite them as a potential security risk.

In this case, you should be careful to discount symbolic links in your analysis and only examine the files that the links point to.