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I just wanted to run stuff.

The note is about usage of exec under windows In your cmd. Not that I do understand why. Even when you call mail and it calls sendmail I've lost few days while find this, hope it helps someone!!!

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For those who want to execute a. What is also great is that the process is forked so even though a user may close the browser that initiated the exec , the process will still run to completion. What I found odd is that the script I was execing would run fine in the bg when executed from the command line, but not from the browser until I closed the stdin and stdout.

Just a simple note to help people get rid of some headaches. PERL file ! If you plan to start programs on the server that show message boxes things that require OK from the server-side , or remain like notepad. Because the web server runs as an system process, and it isn't allowed to interact with the desktop.

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Click OK. Problem solved! The more I go over my notes the less I care for the last two functions. I saw the new process notepad. I was stuck for about an hour and a half last night trying to get Perl to pass back values to my PHP script after running an exec command. Since I was returning multiple values, I added pipe delimiters in my.

Check it out: hit the. In case you ever had to chain from php to another program e. Just following up my previous post, in reply to lancelot--du-lac at hotmail dot fr: The behaviour described was fixed in PHP 5. Note that this applies to all shell commands not just exec , as used in my example. The code runs fine on PHP 5. Although the original post says there was no output, this isn't quite right. The reason there was no output is because the error is being sent to stderr, which wasn't being captured.

Clearly, having two quoted strings in the command confuses the shell commands; the result is the same as if you ran the command without any quotes. I haven't found a workaround for anyone who still needs to support 5. Within Linux, when calling the php interpreter directly from popen, or other program execution function to execute a script, it appears as though the script perpetually fails and re-executes. This allows you to execute the script directly i. I found this comment on this page: [begin of quote] Trying to us the following code failed badly with various results: like "unable to fork", "access denied", "empty results", depending on what settings I used, This happend to me with empty result due to missing rights!

Hope this helps somebody saving some time and headaches.

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Only two things are needed: 1. If you are trying to use exec to run a cgi and output the contents via a php file, headers need to be seperated from the content and output seperately.

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Also, at least in the case of the cgi I was attempting to execute, line feeds were missing, and some javascript didn't work as a result, so you may have to add line feeds back into the resulting output. Here is the code I used to output my cgi properly Scheduling WinXP tasks with schtasks.

This is because, Apache does not have the privilege to access some of the System Files when placing the scheduling. The way I'd do: is by creating a normal user account and assign Apache service to logon as that account. Open the 'services. Click at the second tab 'Log On' and fill in the 'This account' fields. Of course, Apache needs to be installed as Service during its first setup. Hope this helps anyone. Fendy Ahmad. It seams as though that would get arround any security holes. Trying to us the following code failed badly with various results: like "unable to fork", "access denied", "empty results", depending on what settings I used, Quoted from Red Hat: "The security goal is to make sure that Apache HTTP is only reading the static Web content, and not doing anything else such as writing to the content, connecting to database sockets, reading user home directories, etc.

This functions are generally considered harmful,without proper input validation procedures are as worse as eval. Lets make it even clearer, about the "unable to fork" error in exec. By default Windows XP sets all permissions for cmd.

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That overrides everthing. You must modify the security on cmd.

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Even more on the "unable to fork" error. Welcome to VirtualBox. Oracle today released a 6. See the Changelog for details.

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  • New September 4th, VirtualBox 6. New July 16th, VirtualBox 6.

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    New July 16th, VirtualBox 5. Oracle today released a 5. New December 18th, VirtualBox 6. Oracle today shipped a new major release, VirtualBox 6. More information