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The following walkthrough shows how to apply brace matching tags to the "text" content type. It's included as an optional feature in Visual Studio setup. Add an Editor Classifier item template to the project. For more information, see Create an extension with an editor item template. To get a brace highlighting effect that resembles the one that's used in Visual Studio, you can implement a tagger of type TextMarkerTag.

The following code shows how to define the tagger for brace pairs at any level of nesting. Add properties for the text view, the source buffer, the current snapshot point, and also a set of brace pairs. In the tagger constructor, set the properties and subscribe to the view change events PositionChanged and LayoutChanged.

In this example, for illustrative purposes, the matching pairs are also defined in the constructor. The event handlers update the current caret position of the CurrentChar property and raise the TagsChanged event. Implement the GetTags method to match braces either when the current character is an open brace or when the previous character is a close brace, as in Visual Studio. When the match is found, this method instantiates two tags, one for the open brace and one for the close brace.

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The following private methods find the matching brace at any level of nesting. The first method finds the close character that matches the open character:. In addition to implementing a tagger, you must also implement and export a tagger provider. In this case, the content type of the provider is "text". So, brace matching will appear in all types of text files, but a fuller implementation applies brace matching only to a specific content type.

When you position the caret before an open brace, both that brace and the matching close brace should be highlighted. When you position the cursor just after the close brace, both that brace and the matching open brace should be highlighted.

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Skip to main content. Exit focus mode. Theme Light. High contrast. Profile Sign out. Name the solution BraceMatchingTest. Delete the existing class files. Implement a brace matching tagger To get a brace highlighting effect that resembles the one that's used in Visual Studio, you can implement a tagger of type TextMarkerTag. To implement a brace matching tagger Add a class file and name it BraceMatching. Import the following namespaces.

Linq; using System. Generic; using System. Composition; using Microsoft.

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Text; using Microsoft. Editor; using Microsoft. Tagging; using Microsoft. Utilities; Imports System. Composition Imports Microsoft. Text Imports Microsoft. Editor Imports Microsoft. Tagging Imports Microsoft. For example, for a non-mandatory question:.


These classes are used for each question type. Some question types use only one or two class, but others can use much more.

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All of these are designed to eliminate the need for pop-up alert messages. Furthermore, when you first visit a page that has unmet validation criteria, you can color-code the tips in a pleasing color to show which validation criteria have not been med; then re-display the page using a harsher color if the person submits the page with lingering validation errors.

Because of the marked discrepancies in rendering between IE6, IE7 and most other browsers, there are special IE conditional style sheets included for each template. You should include the above code within your startpage. You can put conditional class for body in startpage.

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This method is used in citronade template. However, the editor itself shows the RTL language in a left to right format when justified. This is just an editor display issue. The RTL and justified question or text will display correctly from right to left, even when justified, in your survey or on preview. Keywords within a template file get replaced by the current survey information. The following strings will be replaced by LimeSurvey when parsing the template file and presenting it to survey users.

These field strings will work on almost every template except for the 'Completed Page'.

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Most of these strings can be found in the common. If it's not there, look in the index. Each "input" type in a survey has been given its own class name, so that you can add CSS to your "startpage. These class names are as follows:. An example of using these classes with style sheets can be found in the "bubblegum" template that comes with the LimeSurvey application. The chart. If the file does not exist, LimeSurvey will use the default 'maroon' coloured image in the public directory. If you want to create a bar to match your own colour scheme, then you should save the color in this file.

Remember it should be a JPEG file, 1 pixel x 1 pixel, in the colour desired. To change the background colour of the bar, add something like the following to the end of your template. To change the border colour of the bar, add something like the following to the end of your template. Starting with version 0.

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These very advanced features generally require changes to the underlying code base of LimeSurvey and should be done carefully so as not to introduce security holes. Some users may need to run Javascript on the survey pages, but calling checkconditions in the BODY element made it impossible to do so. This video will demonstrate the basic and advanced template functions that are available to all LimeSurvey users. This includes changing the appearance of certain forms and inserting custom graphics.

LimeSurvey training video - template customization. If you want to have some language specific sentence in a survey, for example a help at end of each page, you can add in a. And hidding it in the template. Example for a help sentence at bottom of the page, in french and english, put this on endpage. You can use it to for other sentence in your question before 1.

When editing a template this template can be assigned to a single survey while the survey list page, which is shown at www. Mac users, please note: Mac OSX default archive utility may have problems with zip folders "generated on the fly". When a question help text is shown then an help. You can replace this image by uploading a new help. It then will be automatically used instead of the default help icon. Note : In the default -Template of 2. If you want to change the image just replace logo.