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You can then accept your own answer after some time has passed. Only then will the question be marked as resolved. To fully remove all traces of the Jawbone headset from your Mac, do must do the following: Uninstall Jawbone Updater. Just drag to trash and empty.

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There will be a lot of lines to remove. Turn bluetooth back on, and pat yourself on the back for a job well done : If that doesn't work, message me and I'll help you out but from all the resources I've gone through today, this is what FINALLY did the trick! Sil Westerveld 3 2 2 bronze badges.

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Deleting the device from the Library caches will also work in the case where formerly paired devices are not entirely forgotten, but keep failing to connect. Bluetooth Setup Assistant will complain "The computer failed to pair with that" trackpad for example.

Here is what you can do when Bluetooth is not working

This happened to me on OS X Yosemite. Lerner Sep 19 '15 at Otherwise, configure your Bluetooth Headset. Uncreative Name Uncreative Name 64 12 12 bronze badges. Yeah didn't install any drivers, I did use the Jawbone update software which I've since removed. Nothing is being shared in the Sharing Center either. I tried pairing it, then removing it and it still comes back weird because I did the same with my track pad and it doesn't do this.

Apparently Jawbone Era and Icon headsets have problems with OS X and the updater software can cause all sorts of issues from volume keys not working, to acting as malware.

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I was able to track down this thread which highlights where the other files are hidden under App Support and Extensions. I've resolved the issue by removing all traces of the jawbone software, shutting down bluetooth from the terminal, deleting the bluetooth. I am glad it worked. Could you edit your initial post to add your solution? StackExchange is a Community Site.

Bluetooth not working with High Sierra? Here's how to fix it - macOS Guides

Your Solution could be used to help further users sharing the same problem and you will get reputation points. Powerbeats Pro. Beats x. Powerbeats 3 Wireless. If you can't connect to your wireless Beats product Share via Email opens in new window Share via link opens in new window Print. Check the volume Make sure that both your Beats product and your Bluetooth device are charged and turned on.

Using a Bluetooth mouse, keyboard, or trackpad with your Mac

Play a track that you downloaded to your device, not streaming audio. Pair your Beats product again. Reset your Beats product, then pair them again Reset your headphones , reset your earphones or reset your speakers. You'll be asked for an administrator password to move the file to the trash. Enter the password and click OK. Once your Mac restarts , a new Bluetooth preference file will be created. Because it's a new preference file, you'll need to pair your Bluetooth peripherals with your Mac again.

How to pair three Bluetooth speakers together? - Mac OS

In all likelihood, the Bluetooth assistant will start up on its own and walk you through the process. But if it doesn't, you can start the process manually by doing the following:. Launch System Preferences by either selecting System Preferences from the Apple menu, or by clicking on its Dock icon. Your Bluetooth devices should be listed, with a Pair button next to each unpaired device.

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Click the Pair button to associate a device with your Mac. Use your Mac for a couple of days or more.

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Once you're sure that your Bluetooth problem has been resolved, you can delete the backup copy of com. Should the problems continue, you can restore the backup copy of com. This last suggestion is a last-ditch effort to get the Bluetooth system working again.

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  6. The reason for the hesitation is because it will cause your Mac to forget about all of the Bluetooth devices you have ever used, forcing you to reconfigure each and every one. First, you need to enable the Bluetooth menu item.

    Hold down the Shift and Option keys , and then click the Bluetooth menu item. Once the menu is displayed, you can release the Shift and Option keys. Hold down the Shift and Option keys once again, and click on the Bluetooth menu. Share Pin Email. What Does Wireless Really Mean?