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Frags do not count towards winning or losing a match. Dedicated servers no longer require a CD in the drive.

Star Trek: Elite Force II (2003) - PC Gameplay / Win 10

When playing a Disintegration match in MultiMatch, the reload delay for the sniper rifle is now shorter. GameSpy and All-Seeing-Eye support have been fixed and now display player lists and players in game.

Players can no longer hear taunts originating more than 20 feet away in MultiMatch matches. A shell toggle for strafe jumping has been added to the Advanced portion of the Start Server menu in MultiMatch. The default is on. The outline of the chat box over the players head is now translucent in MultiMatch.

Full Specifications

Death will no longer break chat in MultiMatch. The player can now chat until he or she respawns if already typing.

Issues with delayed flag capture messages by the game announcer have been resolved. Teams are no longer auto-mixed on map restart in MultiMatch. MultiMatch vote messages have been made more noticeable.

The game will now only switch to better weapons in MultiMatch. Text chatting in-between Capture the Flag rounds in MultiMatch has been added to the score screen. Issues which had been causing server crashes during capture the flag and other team games in MultiMatch have been resolved.

When reviewing server settings in MultiMatch, the detail tab will now show the currently selected game modifier.

Star Trek: Elite Force II Free Download

MultiMatch autobalancing issues have been resolved. The visual graphic indicating that you have the flag in MultiMatch Capture the Flag matches has been enhanced. Bot models will now show up correctly if they are added to the scripts directory and use the extension. The simple FOV command is used by the system, but should not be adjusted by the player.

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Setting this to 1 will eliminate all weapon reload delays. Taunt frequency in MultiMatch has been reduced to 4 seconds. Areas that could be explored included main engineering , bridge , mess hall , sickbay , astrometrics , and the cargo bay. The "aim" of the sub-game was to find various hidden objects and achieve objectives, while giving the player an opportunity to interact with characters — including the main cast — and use certain ship functions, such as the landing struts, the holodeck where you could use a new weapon, the Captain Proton ray gun , transporters and others.

It also provided a sort of "history" in the form of log entries as to what happened during the formation of the Hazard Team. The layout of Voyager shown in the sub-game differs slightly from that established in the series. For example, Harry Kim 's quarters are established as being on Deck 6 in " Waking Moments ", while in the sub-game they are on Deck 2 together with the quarters of Neelix and Alexander Munro.

In addition, some decks are only partially accessible, with others completely inaccessible. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.