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I like this this is very fabulous, i like it too much, Thanks for developer who developed this awesome mac theme for window s. I will never uninstall this. Yasir Zia Email: yasirzia live. Detect and block viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware and phishing. Look for weaknesses in your home Wi-Fi and strangers piggybacking on your network. Find unsafe settings and passwords, suspicious add-ons and out-of-date software.

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How to Make Windows 10 Look Like a Mac ✔

Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. Once you have WindowBlinds installed, simply open the View full description. All are completely compatible with the versions on Windows. The Apple drive format is different from Microsoft. Mac can read backup drives formatted by Windows, but cannot write to them.

Windows cannot read backup drives formatted for the Mac. These formats can be read and written by both Apple and Windows. However, these formats have a limit to file size. This limit may not affect you unless you are working with very large files such as video or large datasets.

So you need a separate external drive for copying between you and your business partner. Remember, format that one as ExFAT. Hi Glenn. Thank you for responding so quickly.

Enable Windows-Like Features on Your Mac

I also back up everything to external hard drives. I think I read that I will need to reformat the hard drives before using them on the Mac. Is this correct? Brandi, File compatibility all depends on which programs you both are using. If you are talking about Word documents, Microsoft has a version of Word that runs on the Mac. Same is true for Excel. Text files, photos and all image files are directly compatible with no problem. Videos have various file formats and may need the proper application to play on either device.

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If you give me specifics I can give you a more direct answer. I am thinking of switching to a Mac from a PC. My concern is that since it is mainly used for work, if I create a file on my Mac and send it to my business partner who is using a PC, will it still open for them no problem, and vice versa? I would really love to switch, but I am concerned about that. BarbRad - I never used Carbinite. I back up to a remote hard drive using Apple's Time Machine. It sounds like your backup was corrupted and that's affecting everything you mentioned.

When I switched to iMac a few years ago, I loved it.

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I used it in one location and had a Windows PC at the other. Then I had a hard drive crash after almost three years. The Apple store techs had tried to restore the hard drive as best they could to move data to the replacement, but the new computer never worked properly. My mail was disrupted and that program doesn't work as it should. Tech people told me everything would work if I just updated the operation system.

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  • I now have El Capitan and my favorite programs are still broken -- iMovie doesn't work like it used to, iPhoto no longer imports as of last week, and I can't ever find files I need. I'm even locked out of some of my folders. I know how to change the permissions, but it's still a pain to have to do it.

    I have no idea who locked me out of them, but probably some tech moving files. About all that's good in this computer is the files it's storing that date back to and before. I'd love to move them to the PC, which works better for me now. I'm just not sure how. I've been moving a few at a time with a thumb drive. I keep the iMac next to my PC now, and it's handy as a second computer for internet use and referencing when I want to see information in one screen while I'm writing in another. I'm not a techie, and I'm tired of trying to locate photos I took in that weren't tagged.

    I have thousands of photos and only tagged the subjects of each download in iPhoto as I got them from my camera. I tagged the files as I edited them. Between iPhoto and photos I can usually eventually find the photo I want by remembering an approximate date of the event, finding the event in iPhoto, and then checking the dates in Photos. In Windows I can go right to the folder I put the edited photos in and find any edited photo easily.

    I find unedited ones by date and import title. No tech has been able to fix my mouse problem, either. I ditched the Magic Mouse which stopped working properly even with new batteries. I now have a Logitech wireless mouse. Sometimes when I try to left-click, it randomly gives me a right click menu instead of opening or closing a file, tab, or following a link. The online tech support didn't have an answer for that, either.

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    • If I get my files moved, I'm ready to sell my iMac to someone with more tech knowledge than I have. Don - Your review of your experience with using your Mac adds a great deal of useful information here.

      Make Your Windows 7 Look and Feel Like a Mac OS X Snow Leopard

      Thank you for taking the time to share that. You and I came from about the same time period. You worked on the first PC introduced my IBM and I built my own home computer a few years earlier than that, and wrote software for it. I wrote a few articles published in the trade journals of that time, which got my name out to the clone manufactures. Remember that one? I also like the way my calendar and reminders sync up between my Mac and my iPad.

      Productivity software

      Whatever I put in one is automatically in the other. As for your comment about watching Amazon Prime and Netflix movies, you might want to look at the Roku. I use it to watch all that on my living room tv. Glenn - I changed over myself at about the same time. I won't mention how long ago that was. But you can imagine how hard it was for me to move on. What ran me away from the PC was the constant early life deaths of the PC's I would purchase, but the constant dealing with their upgrades and the crappy Packages they used APP wasn't popular phrase at first back then.

      But, I purchased a Mac Pro and I haven't had to look back. The machine is reliable, all of my critical information is synced with my iPhone, and I haven't had the first "attack" on my Mac. One thing I did do, was take the time to consolidate ALL of my data and information decades worth and clean it up with reality checks.

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      Once done, I transferred this into a structured "folder" that I placed onto my Mac. It was kind of large, but over time I was able to go back and forth for my information. So, overall I am glad I made my transition and honestly, even though I looked longingly at those "Surface" and other such machines, are tempting, the annual obsolescence and my memories of the problems with Windows, keeps my happily using my Mac.

      I had used PCs for a long time. But what I love about my Mac is that it's three years old and going strong. I have a Macbook Air and iPad and iPhone and they keep me in line. No, really, using iCloud, I can take notes on my Macbook or Phone and then they're all right there on my work iMac. My calendar syncs on all my devices as well as podcasts, photos and the like. Plus the antivirus stuff that you don't have to deal with on a Mac is nice.

      Loved this article! Thanks for the write up and I learned some things, too - for the next computer, I might get an Apple mini with a bigger screen like you did: I like watching Amazon Prime and Netflix movies from time to time. I dunno, there are other ways I guess it's just how much you want to spend for convenience. Then you can run both Mac OS and Windows at the same time. You just need to get VMWare to do it. That's what I've done since I have a couple of Windows programs I wanted to be able to keep using.

      My old XP is about ready to die.