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As a substitute, here is the screenshot of the file in gspot:. All of the video footage in question is still on DV tape. If I were to re-encode, this time to a new format, what would you suggest for future compatiblity with QT and editing software like iMovie? Changing the extension may or may not work.

The MediaInfo data display includes:

It depends on what the player application is checking—just the extension or the file internals. I usually recommend copying the data to a "real" MOV file container rather than just changing the extension. Even then, I don't know if this is enough to satisfy the QT X player in this case. It is, however, one of the first things I'd try.

DV AVI codec issue - Apple Community

Here is one example of how things may vary. I hope this was confusing enough for you. Basically, all I am trying to do here is demonstrate how the playback of content can vary depending on the file extensions, file container, or player app even when the data is still in the same compression format albeit muxed or unmuxed.

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Unfortunately, Apple has never really activated the ability post videos directly to the forum using the forum software. The normal work flow is to either send the sample file as an email attachment, send it peer-to-peer via IM, or post it to a server or NAS drive that can be opened to internet access usually by username and password.

How to play any format type of video movie on Mac and Windows for FREE

Would also normally assume the AVI file could easily be converted to H. Assuming the camcorder is iMovie compatible, I would use iMovie to import the files directly into the iMovie app and let it manage the Event folders. That way the raw data is immediately available for editing and should avoid any secondary or intermediate data conversions.

Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Both a suitable demuxer for reading the container file and a matching decoder for each audio and video stream must be installed.

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Important: Windows defaults to the first installed codec pack. Therefore if you are trying out both of the solutions above, you need to uninstall one in order to be able to use the other. When encoding uncompressed video, use as many keyframes as possible optimally encoding with Keyframes exclusively , which will noticeably enhance responsiveness and lower CPU usage. If you wish to have a smaller video file size, you can reduce the keyframe amount.

Solve AVI File Won't Play on Mac QuickTime

The options available depend on which encoding method you select which varies depending on your operating system. Double click the video window. It works in Premiere. Even though H is MPEG 4, it is held inside of an Avi or Quicktime file, while Adobe's Media Encoder, which ships free with Adobe's other video products, offers an check Since transcoding between different codecs and formats is a. Adobe Media Encoder can lack the quality, flexibility, and control that ffmpeg can provide.

I personally have never used the Adobe Media Encoder, but I have heard quality of your export are the Video Codec and the Quality settings.

How to Convert MOV to AVI

You can then re-encode them to H using Media Encoder for the b. Ask New Question. Sign In. Adobe After Effects.

3 Best Free Video Converter Apps for Mac OS X

I am then using Adobe Media Encoder to export the files to. How to use watch folders with Adobe Media Encoder for bactch may want to edit with a intemediate codec like prores - if you are handing off. Is there anyway to convert my mp4 or avi videos to VP9 or h - Just to I already use adobe after effects but couldn't find the option in media encoder. I looked at the details of many other Youtube videos and their codec. Software recommendations for converting movie codecs on Windows?

Simple edit and reencode avi files best for PC. Generally I use Adobe Media Encoder test. The Export. At youtube, avi with. And you can also get the best Adobe Media Encoder alternative here.