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You choose install from setup executable or something like that and just follow the instructions! Washac macrumors Jul 2, 2, Apr 11, 1 0. Hello, I have a problem similar to that of the OP.

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I have installed and have been playing Diablo II Non-Expansion on my Mac using Wineskin with little to no problems but have encountered a snag when trying to install the Lord of Destruction expansion using a Wineskin. The LoD installer does not recognize that the original is installed because it has been Wineskinned and thus will not allow the installation to commence.

Installing Diablo 2 on an Intel Mac

My searches to solutions usually come to pages that have to do with editing scripts or altering registries and this is unfortunately a bit beyond my ability especially because I am on a Mac. Any thoughts? Billytom macrumors newbie. Mar 3, 1 0. KALLT macrumors Sep 23, 4, 3, Good news: Blizzard released a patch and a new installer for Diablo 2 today. You no longer need PowerPC support to play this game!

Jun 10, 2, These are really unbelievable news; a new patch for Diablo 2. And even more, besides resolving the issues for running the game on modern operating systems, Blizzard makes a hint that we might see even more in the future.

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Quoting from their patch release post: This journey starts by making Diablo II run on modern platforms, but it does not end there. Quoting from their patch release post:. Mar 13, 9 8. Cougarcat said:. Yup, several months back they announced they were hiring Mac and Windows programmers for updating their classics. The WC3 patch is coming on Tuesday.

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Things I've tried: 1. Works OK, but I had some graphics glitches under Virtualbox, and haven't got around to reinstalling VMWare Fusion to try it out under that which I suspect will have significantly better graphics support. Yeah, it's just like running a PC and obviously would work fine, but I hate having to reboot just for a quick D2 session also my Mac tends to stay running for weeks on end without a reboot and I'd like to keep it that way.

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I also don't own a Windows 7 license. Wine, in particular PlayonMac. This is what I've ended up using.

It works surprisingly well, using the Windows binaries downloaded from battle. The cinematics are not working, but clicking through them gets you to the main menu without issue.

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There is one thing that's needed to get RWM working - install the stuff directly into the D2 folder i. Aconite , Dec 31, Re: Mac OS X Diablo runs faster there under an old Windows than it does under the native OS, and I don't need to buy a new Windows license or reboot.

It just runs in its own window nicely. So you may want to consider that. One thing I have not been able to get to work are older versions of the game under VirtualBox- I don't know how to get it to accept the CD in the drive properly. But for 1. This way I've been able to play 1.