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Always secure your mysql installation, which you can do with the command below, which will also ask you to create a MySQL root password. Do note that your wordpress username and password will need to be the same as they were originally, in order to line up with your wordpress config see the next item. After installing WordPress, restore wp-config. Ensure that your mysql socket config lines up with what PHP is expecting. From the MySQL install, copy my-medium.

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This is the user you configured originally for your MySQL wordpress database and when prompted give the associated password password for that user. This is easy enough to do via the Console. The most common cause of problems will be missing a step above, or incorrect permissions. Both are easy to correct. If you run into an issue where your wordpress site appears to load but nothing actually appears, verify the permissions for the wordpress directory in question, and remove any extraneous ACLs if there are any.

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Moodle packages for Mac OS X

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Thank you. Last edited: Jul 18, Mar 29, 2, USA. You can fire up the client by typing 'mysql' in Terminal. Mar 8, 1 0.

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Snoopy and others cab anyone help? I did the same as snoopy. When push the button Start MySQL server the button was blue for some time but the message was 'MySQL server instance was stopped' Also when I entered in the terminal window mysql the message 'cannot connect to socket was responded What I have: - Macbook air 1. Jul 20, 90 California. Maybe look at MAMP That installer gives you a msql daemon -- a headless server which you need to access programmatically. Otherwise, click Install to begin the installation process.

Go ahead and do so and the installation will begin. It will take a couple of minutes to complete.

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We have just a few more housekeeping steps to get it running. Click the Close button to exit the installer. This will configure your system to automatically launch MySQL upon startup. The guided process is very similar to that used for the main MySQL installation. On the third time around, double-click on the MySQL. If you choose the second option, you will need to provide an administrator password.

Download and Install MySQL Community Server 8.0.13 and MySQL Workbench on Apple macOS

Make your selection and click Install to continue.