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While dropping into a burpee is surefire way to make your skin look like an oil slick, dropping it on the dance floor conjures up the same problem if not worse. And as someone who routinely looks like a hot mess after a night out , I was especially excited to see how MAC's spray would pan out as I progressed from the workday to the bars.

The Best Makeup Setting Sprays Based on Your Skin Type

Despite drizzly, humid weather that pretty much guaranteed I would produce more oil than normal, the spray was tough against the dewy air and raindrops—my face was nearly as dry by 2 p. But later on, somewhere in between the smoky bar, loud music, and numerous drinks, my visage started looking a little funky. Of course, I'm also someone who likes to touch her face when drinking, so I assume that bad habit played a role in my flaking mascara and smudged lips.

Shockingly, however, my foundation and powder remained on point. Although the humidity was at a similar level to the day before, the thick coat of oil I was rocking from the afternoon into the night was much more substantial—and I could already see the effects by lunch at work. My pores were far more visible meaning my foundation wasn't holding up , my mascara and eyeliner were flaking, and my eyeshadow was creasing my iPhone selfie doesn't do it justice, but trust me!

Prep + Prime Fix+

Although I only lifted weights at the gym, my face was substantially less put-together than after my sweaty, fast-paced boot camp class a few days earlier. There are many culprits that can cause a done-up face to smudge, droop, and crease. Was my face greasy on the third day of experimenting because I drank the night before—or because I skipped my spray?

It's hard to say for sure. I also couldn't help but wonder what effect wearing makeup from work to workouts to going out was having on my skin, as I'm usually accustomed to washing my face prior to any sweat session. But if you have a marathon day where you need to look fierce and matte , this stuff will definitely have your back.

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Best Makeup Setting Sprays : For All Skin Types

Rawat kulit Anda dengan produk-produk makeup berkualitas yang telah kami pilihkan untuk Anda. Bagi kami, kulit merupakan bagian terpenting agar dapat mendapatkan hasil makeup yang sempurna, oleh karena itu, bahan-bahan kosmetik yang tersedia di Sephora Indonesia telah terbukti aman untuk kulit Anda.

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Jelajahi, belajar dan bermain dengan koleksi produk makeup di Sephora Indonesia. Lagi pula, ber-makeup pun harus terasa menyenangkan! Akun Saya. Beli Sekarang. Free Shipping For Orders Rp Shop Sephora Collection Search. And while there are dozens of makeup mists out there, there's one that's always been at front of mind for beauty lovers.

here Packed with vitamins and minerals and infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber, everyone's favorite face spray gently soothes and refreshes the skin. But that's not all it does. This holy grail product is often used before and after makeup application, giving an instant boost of hydration while delivering a soft sheen to refresh and finish makeup.

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While improving the wear of your makeup and moisturizing and soothing tired skin, the spay comes in four wonderful scents to indulge: A romantic rose scent, a calming lavender scent, the original, and the creamy coconut scents all take your skin-care and makeup regimens to the next level with intoxicating aromas. But now Mac Cosmetics has cut our three-step skin-prepping process down by adding SPF to the beloved mist.

And with summer upon us, there's really no better time to incorporate some added sun protection to our routines.

Claims for MAC Prep + Prime Fix + Spray

At this point, Mac Cosmetics might as well start a complete skin-care line considering the direction the brand is going. The SPF variation will be joining the original formula and the matte formula as a new and improved spray. Spritz on sun protection under or over makeup.