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Macbook Pro 13" with all available updates. Google Chrome won't open properly in Lion. I also used to be able to get Dock Art working with itunes but it has now stopped working, apparently I have to down grade to 32 bit, however I do that? Not sure what you are seeing, but Yahoo Home page looks like this here in Chrome: Pretty darn interesting, that shark encounter. On any addons to iTunes or other Apple apps, you will have to wait until the 3rd party supplier updates the app to work correctly. Should not be too long, as most developers want to eat at the end of the month.

Hi Community, Have had many Macs, an experienced user and recently came upon an internet problem. Using Chrome I accessed the Apple Community using Chrome, after it would not load in Safari. I have emptied the cache, and cleared the cookies, with no impact. Running OSX Mac is on a WLAN, which does not drop, ever, with a full fan signal strength visible in the toolbar above. Many Thanks! Hope this helps somebody else with the same problem. My MacBook Pro is hanging on the startup screen with the Apple.

Weird process names in activity monitor (maybe)?

I am wondering what else I can try to resolve this. Other troubles: Safari is the only browser that will launch. Firefox and Chrome won't open, although the Apps are running, no window ever opens. I've noticed the boot time had been taking longer over the past couple of weeks Apple replaced the Logic Board on this machine in July.

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Could my current problem be related? Chrome and Fx require an Intel architecture processor.

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I've had some strange browser issues, with Conduit being added to Chrome which I've tried to remove via the browser settings. Chrome will open my Gmail account but no ther pages. Firefox won't open anything.

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Safari opens a few pages this forum thankfully but is very selective. Google is returning results to me via Google. I've run anti-virus software which hasn't picked up any problems. I've tried uninstalling Chrome and Firefox, but am unable to do so. Any help or guidance would be really, really appreciated. Hello everyone, I've recently been getting error messages on youtube videos when using safari. This never used to happen. I tried using chrome but it didn't take care of the problem.

When I set my default browser back to safari, safari won't open any websites that require a username and password. Any suggestions? My case is different from those listed below. First, I'm running OS X My problem is this: I run a Google search, say, "youtube somesong", and from the hit list returned from google I pick some selection. Youtube launches and plays the video without problems. The new selection itself is not loaded by Safari.

This occurs for any selection I choose. My way around this problem is to force a Safari reload of the page by using the keyboard shortcut, Command-R. This fills in the old video window with the video I just chose. This problem began sometime after i upgraded to Mountain Lion. I have reset Safari and have also deleted the Youtube. I have also tested the problem by running Safari in 32 bit mode no luck there.

If anyone out there has experienced this scenario, I sure could use a little help here. Plus you have 90 days of FREE phone tech support on top of your standard 1 year warranty unless you also purchased AppleCare which gives you an additional 2 years of coverage plus FREE phone support. Strongly suggest that you take FULL advantage of the above before it runs out.

Youtube won't open on chrome. Since updating to Mavericks, youtube won't open on chrome Tried clearing browsing history, no luck Any help would be greatly appreciated. See this post here and a suggestion by linc davis.

It turned out that the original poster had a particular third party 'security' product installed. That may or not be the case for you. Hello, After downloading the reader seemingly successfully , it won't open.

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Adobe's help section advised redownloading the program again. When I did so, I received this message after going through all steps including deleting the original download from the computer. Have tried a few times now, with same result: When I click on the installer on my desktop, it repeats the exact process described above. Any ideas?

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Hi laurenr, You indicated that Reader won't open, so it sounds like you did get it installed as indicated by the message in the installer as well. What happens when you try to launch Reader? Do you receive an error, or does nothing happen when you try to open it? Have you tried removing Reader before running the installer again?

Best, Sara. I got an iPhone last week. So since I want more ease of music access, I thought I'd install iTunes on my laptop which is so much faster , and move my music from my old desktop. Last weekend, I only got around to installing iTunes on my laptop, and authorizing that computer so I could download some apps. This weekend, I tried to open iTunes on my old desktop computer again, so I could start the process of moving my music library to the laptop. I was surprised to discover that iTunes won't even open anymore, at all.

I just get the standard error message, "iTunes 8. I've run Norton, and there are no viruses identified either. So, I thought I should go to the Apple website and download the program again.

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Not possible! Anytime I even try to go to www. I'm fortunate that can use my laptop to access this apple forum, or I'd really be at a loss. Is this happening because I authorized my laptop? It seems more like an evil Apple-hating Microsoft virus somehow What can I possibly do to get my iTunes library all 16 gigs of it to my laptop, WITH all my carefully organized playlists, etc? Sounds a lot like a virus I had on my desktop.. However you could try to download Firefox, or another browser, and then try to log onto Apple.

Maybe its completely an Explorer issue? Cant hurt to try at least. Firefox is quick and free to download. I know how frustrating this is. I hope something works. My mother's computer was infected with the new "Win 7 Total Security" virus apparently a fake antivirus program - corrupted real av. To remove, we followed online advice to delete everything in AppData, for all programs, plus some other stuff. With v 4. Found advice on how to open profile manager, but it won't open.

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  • Found reference to version 4 dispensing with profile manager, so tried installing version 3. THANX for the reply cor-el. I've never had a problem using just "firefox -p", but i did use the full path like you advised after i read the profile manager article here before i posted my question. Unfortunately it didn't work. I decided i'm going to uninstall ff3.

    I do like in the newer versions of FF the tabs on top like googles chrome because it gives you more room on the page. I also like some other features too, but the main reason i kept my old version both times is because the newer versions didn't seem to load pages any faster than version 3. I'll find some new ones. In case your curious, the article on how to create more than one version of firefox at the same time was on the site "Dottech. It works but i obviously did something different this time that caused this problem. I went to update my website, which I do every night before the first day of every month and all the files had a FIrefox icon instead of the usual Dreamweaver one.

    I have shut down, reinstalled DW MX but the files still do not open. The icons have now changed to DW but they are not opening with right click, opening from Applications folder, double clicking the file, from get info and open with DW.